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The WonderPhones are a series of interactive payphones that connect the people in Downtown Dallas to the city and each other. We have combined old and new technology to allow people to listen to content and play and record their stories. Three phones are located in prominent enclosures downtown for the month of October 2017, and two mobile phones will be popping-up at various location throughout the month.

Phone 1

pegasus plaza
Main at Akard
Downtown Dallas
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Phone 2

Browder Plaza
Commerce at Browder
Downtown Dallas
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Phone 3

Main Street Garden
Main at St. Paul
Downtown Dallas
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Mobile Phones

Past locations have included CityLab High School, Callison RTKL, and Dallas City Hall. Stay tuned for what's next.


Rickey Crum, Katie Krummeck, Gray Garmon, Edward Li, Justin Childress

The WonderPhones would not exist without

Mark Fontenot, Gavin Pham, Robert Pulatie, DiMitri Higginbotham, Shilyh Warren, Charles Hatfield, Thomas Simpson, Isaac Cohen, Gwendolyn McGinn, Michael Friebele, The Students of City Lab High School, Owen Wilson-Chavez, Jessie Martinez, and the rest of our content contributors.

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